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Dreamland BBQ Ribs, Sausage, Chicken, Pork, and Turkey

We Provide All the Dreamland Classics.

Our fundraising products provide you with the opportunity to present a popular product to your potential customers. Imagine the response you will receive with Dreamland’s famous ribs, sausage, Boston butts, and more, prepared with the recipes and techniques used in our restaurants.

Pick-Up or Delivery? That’s for You to Decide. 

Dreamland on its way.

With Dreamland Fundraisers, you choose the date, time, and place, and Dreamland will deliver your food directly to your school, church, golf tournament, wherever. 

Execute with Ease.

With Dreamland Fundraisers, you can leave the worry to us. Register your organization with Dreamland BBQ, and we will send everything needed to gather and submit orders. Then we will cook, package, and deliver to the location of your choice.

Dreamland Fundraiser menus
Dreamland BBQ sausage, frozen and cooked.

Distribution is a Breeze. 

Our perishable products are fully cooked, individually packaged, and frozen. Ensuring easy distribution and allowing customers to prepare and serve at their convenience.

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